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N-III Inverter is a unique, sophisticated hybrid inverter.


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DC-Coupled Options

N-III hybrid inverter is designed with more efficiency in mind. Any time you have to move AC electricity to DC or back again, you’re going to lose some power due to conversion losses. N-III hybrid solar inverters is DC-coupled, meaning it takes the DC power from your solar panels and feeds it directly through to your battery, without converting it to AC and back in the process.

This ensures you get the most value from the electricity your solar panels produce in a battery backup system.

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Streamlined Design

N-III hybrid inverter systems, integrate performance monitoring, charge controlling and bi-directional AC/DC inverter function into one neat package, at an affordable cost

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N-III hybrid inverters come with a built-in charge controller to detect opportunities to send electricity to your battery from the grid (or your solar panels). Programmed to allow for load shifting and peak shaving. This means you can use your battery during times when grid electricity costs the most, and charge your battery when grid electricity costs the least – thereby saving money in the process.

Smart Inverter / Charger Features

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System Oversizing

N-III hybrid inverter system, gives you the freedom to connect a larger sized solar array to your inverter or allows you to pair a smaller inverter size with your solar array. The benefit of doing this is maximized performance more often throughout the day. This is achieved through increased power output in lower light conditions like sunrise and sunset. Increased harvest at sunset can be a strong financial consideration, especially if your utility is on a time-of-use billing structure when evening electricity is most valuable.

Fitness App

N-III hybrid inverters have the ability to send your system performance data onto a portal in the cloud. Once there, you can log into the app to view your system’s performance, and be notified when and if your system isn’t performing as well as it should. The inverter also has a configurable mode to set the system on vacation or standby mode through an app. These ensure you’re making optimal use of the energy you create with your solar panels, even when you aren’t onsite.

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